Peter Clayton has been described as “an eternal romantic” and “a renaissance man” who is redefining the craft of soulful songwriting in the mould of Gordon Lightfoot.

In addition to his music, his photography (especially his Australian nature series) have people raving about his eye for detail.

Below is how Peter describes his love affair with music and images…

“Music and photography are not just passions of mine, they are my life; photography inspires me and music sustains me.

My first camera was a Kodak Retinette 1A at the age of ten and my first guitar was a hand me down flat top from my brother at the age of sixteen. Things have changed since then, moving up to a digital Pentax 645 camera and a Martin M-36 guitar.

The pictures speak for themselves, as they say; “a picture tells a thousand words”. The history of mankind has been recorded from the stone age to now with cave paintings to canvas to silver bromide and the now the computer screen.

Music for me is a way of expressing my feelings and recording my life’s events, they are for the most part, songs from the heart. The songs that I have covered also have some significance for me and songs with which I connect.

I hope that you may derive some pleasure and enjoyment from my music and photography.”

Peter is available for song commissions, live performances and photography shoots, his images as seen in the various galleries on this site are also available to purchase.

Just contact Peter and find out what he can do for you and your event/project or, how you can purchase one of his amazing images.